Myofunctional therapy is the most lateral career change a registered dental hygienist burned out and ready to change careers and get out of the dental operatory. For those brave hygienists ready to up-level their careers we present the guide, 5 Days and 5 Ways to go from RDH to OMT.

No matter where you are in your journey we have something for you in this guide.


5 Ways to Myo is going to give you a step by step process to getting started in screening patients, building a team and crafting your “talk.”

Read through each day and return back to this blog for these supplemental links and materials:

5 Ways to OMT brings you a list of 5 best options for various points in your myo journey. So whether you are hoping to get out of the op entirely and create your own business, just wanting to add myo referral to your current clinical skills, or thinking of staying in your office to transition to myo, we have the perfect course for you.


Spoiler alert! The end of the From RDH to OMT: Ultimate Guide for Dental Hygienists contains bonus offers and content.

#1: Click on the image below to watch our 5 Things Every Dental Provider Should Know About Myo webinar. We highlight things that you may even want to use when talking to your office about why it’s important for your patients.

#2: Offers! Members of the International Association of Airway Hygienists, the first and ONLY professional association dedicated to RDHs in or considering airway, we have 20% off of the Team Myo combination intro and business course! Annual Silver Membership is only $25 with the professional organization and full of benefits for your career. Join the IAAH or learn more at: https://myiaah.org/

We are so excited to have compiled this for you and would love to know how else we can help you on your journey. Leave a comment below with what other helpful resources you would like to see next.

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