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Free Thumb Sucking Elimination Program

From the womb my eldest daughter found her greatest comfort. No, not me or my womb. Not the nourishment from the umbilical cord, or security of the amniotic fluid. Her thumb encroached on my rightful space as her greatest comfort before we could even meet. For a decade we battled about her love of that thumb. The sneaky little digit that would disappear into her face anytime I would move my gaze was maddening.

Trying to compete with a bond that established itself before you is challenging. There are many tools to combat this damaging habit. Physical inhibitors like a thumb guard or a wooden ruler taped to the forearm and sensory deterrents like a bitter nail polish or solution dipped on the thumb, exist but can be a hit or a miss. For us and our decade long battle with thumb sucking every tool, trick, bribe and product was an absolute bust.

When myofunctional therapy and habit elimination came into our lives, I was thrilled to have an alternative. Not just any alternative, but a positive program that worked based on her own determination to defeat the power of the thumb. It took time to build out my own program for my clients from this education and personal research beyond those courses.

And build I did! The Myo Spot’s Time Out Thumb program has been successful for almost all of it’s participants. Many have referred friends to me based solely on this program’s simplicity and efficiency. I thought it best that during these difficult times while many are home and able to tackle this difficult habit, to give the program to as many people as possible.

Members of our free mom community, Mommy Made Myo, now have access to this course and another with our mini-myofunctional exercises for FREE!

Free thumb sucking program available in Mommy Made Myo community

Time Out Thumb Course Info

This course is perfect for parents of children ages 5 and up, and works well for similar habits such as nail biting and object sucking. If you have exhausted many other options, similarly to me in my decade long journey to eliminating the habit, and your child is ready to stop then the Time Out Thumb course will provide you with:

  • Skills to identify your child’s personality appropriately to personalize the experience for your child, ensuring optimal outcomes
  • Understanding of the habit process and how it affects the brain
  • A step by step process to effective elimination through positive encouragement, along with a worksheet and chart to track progress
  • On going support and various tips, tricks, and guidance before, during, and after from other moms who understand

Ready to get started on finally seeing your child’s beautiful face without their fist partially blocking it? Then join the Mommy Made Myo community to get access to this course along with many other features, as we are a service community based in growth, support and resolution of common childhood health frustrations.

2 thoughts on “Free Thumb Sucking Elimination Program

  1. Hi,
    Thank you for offering this free help! I tried to register, but I keep getting the message that the website’s domain is not yet set up.

    Please advise.

    Sheri Katz


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