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Free Thumb Sucking Elimination Program

From the womb my eldest daughter found her greatest comfort. No, not me or my womb. Not the nourishment from the umbilical cord, or security of the amniotic fluid. Her thumb encroached on my rightful space as her greatest comfort before we could even meet. For a decade we battled about her love of that… Continue reading Free Thumb Sucking Elimination Program

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The Growing Disparity and Poor Affordability in Airway

Can’t afford myofunctional therapy, orthodontic appliance alternatives, and bodywork in managing your airway centered disorder? You are likely not alone. The gap of inequity, especially among minorities and low income households in affordable options and access to care is increasing. One of the many silent consequences of this global pandemic. Health care is continuously evolving… Continue reading The Growing Disparity and Poor Affordability in Airway