Don’t overlook this essential health component

I know what you’re thinking. The internet is full of health and wellness advice and there is no possible way that you have missed anything in your journey to health and wellness. In fact, your custom meal delivery box sets, personal trainer, physician, nutritionist or app have encompassed anything that could possibly be involved…right?


The missing link lies in something you do about 15 times per minute.

Breathing. The quintessential health component that can make or break your wellness.

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Why is it important?

Breathing is a critical component to our existence. Not only does improper physiological breathing impact your oral development, airway structure, and oral health, it also impacts mental health, sleep digestion, and blood pressure.

Breathing is not as simple as being alive or not. Nasal breathing is not only the proper way to inhale and exhale air, it also filters and moistures the air. Which optimizes it for use in the body.

As a child, this may manifest in asthma, anxiety, need for braces, snoring, sleep problems, lack of focus, nail-biting, wheezing, frequent congestion, and chronic seasonal allergies. As an adult, this may result in TMJ (or jaw) pain, sleep apnea, anxiety, braces relapse, high blood pressure, poor posture, headaches, and chronic fatigue.

What to do

Are you breathing correctly? Try our 1-minute breath test to self-evaluate whether you’re breathing is helping or hurting you.

Reach out to a myofunctional therapist. Myofunctional therapy is like having a personal trainer for all the muscles of your face and mouth. A change in your tongue posture can improve your breathing and impact your health.

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Check out You’re Breathing Wrong, the complete myofunctional therapy journal to get started on the path to better wellness today!


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